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a这个小宝贝是姐姐家的孩子,她叫李雨馨。 This small treasure is the elder sister family's child, her name is Li Yuxin. [translate] 
a我们可以打电话核实情况 We may telephone the checking situation [translate] 
a谢谢请回答我的问题可以吗 Thanks please do answer my question to be possible [translate] 
a我们同意接受贵方要求以承兑付款的方式进行支付作为特殊照顾 We agreed accepts the expensive side request to accept the payment the way to carry on the payment to take the special attendance [translate] 
a我们必须选择自己的道路去努力实现,不管别人的价值观是如何看待他们的。 We must choose own path to realize diligently, no matter how others values do regard them. [translate] 
a如此致力于工作 So devotes to the work [translate] 
a傻瓜 我是真的爱你 The fool I am really love you [translate] 
aleaving for Hong Kong 离开为香港 [translate] 
aa place is no longer belongs to a person ;but a person would belongs to a person 地方是不再属于人; 但人会属于人 [translate] 
aLet me have a look.I have four 让我看一看。我有四 [translate] 
a东征的十字军勇士贝曼(尼古拉斯·凯奇)和铁哥们儿菲尔森(朗·皮尔曼)终于得到了返乡的机会。 The eastern expedition crusade brave warrior shell graceful (Nicolas · triumphant wonderful) and iron brether Filson (bright · Pearman) finally had the opportunity which returns to one's native village. [translate] 
a然后,她乘公交车到达他上班的地方 Then, she arrives the place by the public transportation which he goes to work [translate] 
a纽约二氧化碳超标 New York carbon dioxide exceeding the allowed figure [translate] 
a近年来,赏识教育在我国大行其道,但部分家长、教师仅以次单一方法教育学生,应用亦不切合实际,忘记了批评教育在学生的成长中同样不可或缺,使赏识教育的效果大打折扣,让学生变得浮躁、虚荣、自大。 In recent years, the recognition education said in our country big line of it, but the partial guardians, the teacher by the time sole method education student, the application also were not only realistic, had forgotten the education through criticism was similarly indispensable in student's growth [translate] 
aMy grandfather got little pay for his work and could hardly support the family. 我的祖父得到了一点薪水为他的工作,并且可能几乎不支持家庭。 [translate] 
a商人向这个老人出价十万买这个花瓶 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a今天下午五点之前我会完成这次工作 This afternoon five before I can complete this work [translate] 
akfovR kALER kfovR kALER [translate] 
aI will miss u all the time,i want to meet u always.I can not forget anything has happend between us! But just until 2012.2.12! 我一直将错过u,我想要总遇见u。我不可能忘记任何发生了在我们之间! 但直到2012.2.12! [translate] 
alet me know if you don't understand something 告诉我您是否不了解某事 [translate] 
a过载 Overload [translate] 
a人力资源室 Human resources room [translate] 
a我的博客空间已经更新,聚会时的相片我都上传了同学们上去看看吧~ My abundant guest space already renewed, time the meeting photograph I all uploaded schoolmates to have a look ~ [translate] 
aPlates with curve profiles have tens of points. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a黄助理 Yellow assistant [translate] 
arun the Setup program. 运行设定程序。 [translate] 
a我 爱你 你却步懂 放不下你 又能做些什么 I love you Your step understands actually Cannot lay down you Also can make any [translate] 
a若不是唯一,我连最爱都不要 If not for only, I link the most Ido brand not to want [translate] 
aIt's none of my business...Just smile and let it go 它是无我的企业…微笑,并且让它去 [translate] 
aSo made it' even though Katy told me that this will be nothing but 如此做的it,即使Katy告诉了我这将是 [translate] 
aoh ,my vocabulary is poor. oh,我的词汇量是穷的。 [translate] 
a机组投运之后 After the unit throws transports [translate] 
a卡罗林 Carolyn [translate] 
a我是爱你的 可是 But I am love you [translate] 
a家华卫浴 Family ROCSAT bath [translate] 
a禁食、不禁水12小时 Fasting, is unable to restrain the water for 12 hours [translate] 
a你什么时候上课 When do you attend class [translate] 
aЯ помню немного русский 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a谢谢 祝您身体健康 Thanks wishes your health [translate] 
a枕套:75*48CM(内径)(两只) Pillowcase: 75*48CM (inside diameter) (two) [translate] 
a过程评价 Process appraisal [translate] 
agood at english! very good! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在发挥积极作用的同时,社会资本对区域技术创新也有一定的消极影响。它不仅可能阻碍个人的自由发展与产学研结合,还会使区域技术创新陷入“路径依赖”。 During display positive role, the social capital also has certain negative effect to the region technological innovation.Not only it possible to hinder individual free development with to produce study grinds the union, but also can cause the region technological innovation to fall into “the way dep [translate] 
aI do like french fries and bottle pop, pieasa. 我喜欢炸薯条和瓶流行音乐, pieasa。 [translate] 
aThe server is currently busy 服务器当前是繁忙的 [translate] 
acan anybody tell me what's going on ... 罐头任何人告诉我怎么回事… [translate] 
aonce i am thinking if i lose you ,what is the meaning of getting the whole world ....goodbyemylove 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
agushan and San Fang Qi Xiang sth gushan和圣犬齿齐Xiang sth [translate] 
a语音猫 Pronunciation cat [translate] 
aI am xxx and I am 12 years old. My favorite sports include basketball, piano and Computer. my favorite stars is Liu Xiang because he is the fastest runner in the world and a pride of our country. 我是xxx,并且我是12年。 我喜爱的体育包括篮球、钢琴和计算机。 因为他是最快速的赛跑者在世界和我们的国家,自豪感我的一个喜爱的星是刘Xiang。 [translate] 
a由于我们夫妇近日要回国处理公司的事物 Because our husbands and wives recently wanted to return to homeland the processing company's thing [translate] 
a9" Mig Welding Pliers 9 " Mig焊接钳子 [translate] 
a我对生物老师的第一影响是他是非常有趣的,他大约28岁 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们在自主学习过程中,自身掌握了一定的技巧,可以根据自身情况,适合自己的学习方法进行学习,对自己学习更有利。 We in the independent study process, oneself have grasped certain skill, may act according to own situation, suits own study method to carry on the study, studies to oneself advantageously. [translate] 
aholp you happy holp您愉快 [translate] 
a核查好了,准确无误 Investigated, accurate unmistakable [translate] 
aconfidentiality obligations 机密义务 [translate]